Buyers Questions

What are the “terms”  at the auction?

The terms are cash or good check the day of the sale.

Is the hay tested?

Some of the better hay is tested. We use the tests that the seller provides on the honor system. On occasion, we will probe the hay and send for a test if one is not provided.

Can I have hay or straw brought on order?

Yes you can. Please contact Mike at 618-410-4293.

Do you sell hay and straw on private treaty basis?

Yes, when our sales end for the year, we keep some hay and straw, mainly big bales, on hand that are for sale. (May through November)

Do you have equipment to load the large bales?

Yes, we have a loader at the yard.

Sellers Questions

Do we have to unload our hay from our trucks/trailers?

Yes, all hay and straw is unloaded before the sale. We have staff to assist you with unloading.

When are checks issued?

Checks will be mailed on Monday morning following the Saturday sale.

Can checks be deferred?

Yes, we will defer your checks until you want them.

Do I need to consign the hay or straw in advance?

No, you can consign up to sale time. We would appreciate it if you are here by 10:00 a.m. on sale day. However, if you know you are bringing something, we do advertise early consignments.

General Questions

How does your auction function?

We line up the small squares in rows. Usually small squares are stacked in piles of 20, 25, or 30. All hay is auctioned off by the bale. Ex. 25 bales x $4 = $100.00. The order of sale is small squares, 3×3’s, and round bales. Large bales are also sold by the bale.

How long does the auction last?

The auction usually lasts about an hour.

Are auctions held during bad weather?

Yes, auctions are held regardless of weather. We have hay that arrives early in the week and is put under roof. If, for some reason the auction is cancelled, we will do our best to get the word out on the radio. Listen to WSMI out of Litchfield FM 106.1 or AM 1540.

Is trucking available?

Yes, we can assist you with your trucking needs. We work with trucking companies and brokers nationwide. We will be happy to help you any way we can.

Is there lunch at the auction?

On occasion we have youth groups that sell lunch. Otherwise, complimentary coffee and donuts are served weekly.

Is there a hotel nearby?

Yes, we have several hotels within a few miles of our auction. For more information, see the location page of our site.